What’s the Connection: Chiropractic Care and Nutrition

You purchase organic groceries at the health food store. You avoid highly processed, GMO foods. You seek out items that are high in nutrition with a short shelf life. Long story short, you are nailing healthy eating!

But, what if your nervous system isn’t functioning optimally? That would mean all those healthy foods you are consuming are going to waste. It’s basically like storing them in an unplugged refrigerator.

Disrupted Nervous System, Disrupted Diet

Your nervous system is connected to every part of your body, with food and digestion being no exception. When your nervous system is unbalanced and disruptions occur, the chances are high that no matter what nutritious foods you’re eating, those nutrients aren’t being stored properly, broken down, or even used in their entirety.

The question is: why?

Our nervous system is what tells the body what needs to be done with the fuel it receives. If there is a disturbance, the messages that are supposed to be sent between your brain and body will go unread. You might be eating three healthy meals per day, but your body isn’t getting the benefits that it should, leaving you to question why you don’t feel as good as you thought those healthy foods should make you feel.

Can Chiropractic Help?

As chiropractors, our job is to help your spine, and the portion of the nervous system it protects, to work at the highest possible potential. Precise chiropractic adjustments help to improve the position and motion of separate spinal bones. As those adjustments work to improve your spine, many patients report improvements in other areas of their health, too!

If you find yourself asking what you can do to better your nutrition, ask us about it! During your next visit, we can help you better understand how to supplement your diet if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to consume nutritious, properly balanced meals.