How to Avoid a Crisis of Illness

Maybe it starts off mild: a tickle in the throat, a minor case of the sniffles, or slight muscle aches. It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced before, so you go bed early and hope that a good night’s sleep will help your body knock out whatever bug you’ve got this time, But, when you wake up in the morning, you are as sick as a dog. Illnesses come on suddenly and without much warning, disrupting our daily lives, routines, and body.

Once the sickness has finally passed, you try to figure out how it happened. Did you get too close to that cute, but runny nosed baby? Did you catch that bug going around the office? Maybe you failed to wash your hands after meeting someone new or traveling on public transit.

Did you ever think it was more than just the germs that made you get so sick? At our practice, we believe it is better to stay well than it is to get well, and chiropractic care can help you avoid the crisis of illness.

The Connection Between Immune Systems and Nervous Systems

In order to fend of germs that make us sick, you’ll need more than a healthy immune system. Think of it like this — if your body was a symphony, then your nervous system would be the conductor. It is responsible for orchestrating the entire show, and it calls all the shots. Therefore, your nervous system has an influence on your immune system. If your nervous system is off balance, it cannot function properly, meaning your immune system is effected, leaving you more susceptible to getting ill.

There are a few strategies to obtain and maintain an immune and nervous system that is highly functioning. One way to do this is to completely avoid germs. If you don’t come in contact with any germs, you don’t have to worry about catching the flu or a cold! But, you’ll also be living in a bubble. It’s nearly impossible to stay away from all the germs out there.

Rather than becoming the next bubble boy or girl, focus on maintaining a disturbance-free nervous system. This can be done with regular chiropractic care, which works with your immune system to fight germs before they have you under the weather. When you body is able to restore function, it can heal itself as it was meant to do. With a healthy diet, proper rest, adjustments, and exercise, you will be able to do just that!

If you want to ensure that your nervous system is functioning at its optimal level, give our practice  a call and get your spine checked!