Commuting and Computing


Whether we are driving or riding during our daily commute to and from work, we are also slowly damaging our spine. On top of that, once we get to work, most of us are spending our day in front of the computer screen, causing even more problems.


Help Your Bank Account Without Hurting Your Back

While working makes our bank account grow, remaining sedentary for long periods of time is punishment to our backs. Fortunately, there are simple things you can incorporate into your day to keep your back strong, whether you are computing or commuting.

1. Get in proper driving position. Be sure to place your seat at the correct height, and that you are aligning your ears with your shoulders. Additionally, supportive arm rests help to diminish stress put on your body. Using your headrest is also a good idea, so your head doesn’t lurch forward to keep focus on the road.

2. Stretch before and after your commute. Just like you stretch before and after exercise, it’s also beneficial to stretch for a few minutes before and after a commute to work. Stretching not only makes you feel better, it does your body good! Stretching relieves stress and anxiety that might be caused from stressful commutes and reduces muscle tension.

3. Tame the tension. Driving through rush hour traffic is a stressful and tension-inducing experience for most of us. Tension is often felt in the back and neck, so try shrugging and moving your shoulders around when stopped at a red light. A lumbar support is also a great addition to your seat to help your back, or you can roll up a shirt or towel and place it between your seat and the small of your back.

4. Be kind to your back. We don’t think about it often, but our back can take a beating from working all day at a keyboard in a sitting position. Get a chair that provides sufficient lumbar support. Sit with your feet planted firmly on the floor and place your keyboard and monitor at an ideal height. Also, make sure you get up and moving every 20 minutes.

Keep Your Spine Healthy

With regular chiropractic care, you can keep your spine healthy, so it is better able to withstand the demands of hours of commuting and computing. Call us today and schedule your obligation free consultation.