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6 Ways to Improve Your Mood Naturally

Chiropractic care is all about naturally improving the body. You can introduce natural methods that improve your life in many ways, including how you feel! Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, angry or unhappy for no real reason? You aren’t the only one! Rather than reaching for stimulants like tea or coffee or spending your whole day in a negative mood, consider what you can do to change how you feel, naturally.

Top of the To-Do List: Sleep!

Many of us have ever-growing to-do lists. We’ve got to get the grocery shopping done, cook, entertain, get to school and work, take part in the regular festivities, and sometimes sleeps gets bumped to the bottom of the list. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the sleep you need to stay energized all season!

What's Really in Your Supplements?

The New York Times  published an article earlier this year explaining how the New York State Attorney General in the U.S. accused major retailers of fraudulently labeling several of their supplements. These supplements included gigko biloba, ginseng, valerian root, St. John’s wort, and more.

The Not So Sweet Effects of Sugar

It’s sticky, it’s sweet, and it’s also nutritionally bankrupt. Sugar is making people sick, tired, and fat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports Americans take in an astounding 156 pounds of sugar each year! The amount of sugar consumed around the glove is approximately 173 million tons!

While it is easy for many to point out that sugar exists in sweet snacks, ice cream, and soda, it is also hiding in salad dressings, pasta sauces, and many more foods that we think are healthy.

Say Goodbye to Staying Still

A great number of us spend a large part of our day doing it. Whether it’s when we’re watching TV, driving around town, or staring at the computer at our place of work, we’re doing it. That “it” is sitting, and it’s becoming a huge problem. While we may not consider sitting to be as harmful as puffing on a cigarette, according to health experts, sitting can damage the body just as smoking can.

What’s in Your Kitchen?

Natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals. If you'd like to try some natural remedies for common ailments, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Most kitchen cupboards are full of good stuff that works as natural remedies!

Nutrition and a Healthier You

Reported in an article featured in The American Chiropractor, almost 70 percent of chiropractors discuss or look to healthy eating in their practice. The article states, “They see it as a valuable tool in treating the whole person and keeping their patients free of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and obesity.”

If we want to live our best and healthiest lives, we must practice proper nutrition. 

It All Starts with Your Feet

So, how is your foundation? We're on them for hours every day. We walk. We run. We wear shoes that don't fit, but they sure do look great! By the end of the day, our feet are exhausted, but, you figure, that's normal. Our poor, tired feet—we expect them to get us wherever we need to go, but rarely stop to think about the beating they take from walking us around.

Tech-Free Zone

Technology provides new opportunities for us to stay informed, entertained, and connected. It provides us with countless benefits, but in some situations, our ultra-light, portable devices offer more distraction and harm than benefit. According to new research conducted by the British Chiropractic Association, more than half of us watch TV in bed as part of our nighttime routine. Many more are using other electronics in bed, and for those of us that do, we spend up to four hours staring at the screen! Many believe this can help them fall asleep, but if technology in the bedroom is leading you to back pain, is it worth it?