Nutrition and a Healthier You

Reported in an article featured in The American Chiropractor, almost 70 percent of chiropractors discuss or look to healthy eating in their practice. The article states, “They see it as a valuable tool in treating the whole person and keeping their patients free of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and obesity.”

If we want to live our best and healthiest lives, we must practice proper nutrition.

Foods that Promote Wellness

If you want to practice good nutrition, you’re going to have to do more than kick cake to the curb and forget about French fries. Nutrition is about more than removing junk food from our diet. It requires us to actively decide to make healthy eating a part of our lives and wellness plans. A good way to start is to add some of nature’s finest to your grocery cart.

Surveys and sources all across North America and Western Europe have determined the top 10 foods that are considered the healthiest, according to an article from Medical News Today. To jump start that healthy lifestyle, add some (or all!) of these super-foods to your diet.

  1.   Apples
  2.   Almonds
  3.   Broccoli
  4.   Blueberries
  5.   Oily Fish
  6.   Leafy Greens
  7.   Sweet Potatoes
  8.   Wheat Germ
  9.   Avocados
  10.   Oatmeal  

The Positives of Healthy Eating

As tasty as those not-so-good for you foods are, if eaten in excess, they can cause negative impacts on our health. If you make healthy eating and proper nutrition a regular part of your routine, you’ll experience a wealth of benefits. Healthy eating promotes increased energy, weight loss, a reduction in medical bills, and can even add years to your life! That organic kale or wild Alaskan salmon may cost a little bit more, but you’ll save on less sick days and fewer drips to the doctor.

During your next visit, let’s chat about healthy eating and how it positively effects your health!