It All Starts with Your Feet

How's Your Foundation?

So, how is your foundation? We're on them for hours every day. We walk. We run. We wear shoes that don't fit, but they sure do look great! By the end of the day, our feet are exhausted, but you figure that's normal. Our poor, tired feet—we expect them to get us wherever we need to go, but rarely stop to think about the beating they take from walking us around.

How Do They Move Us?

Our feet are complex structures. They consist of over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Did you know that one-fourth of your body’s bones, 52 in total, are contained in your two feet? Being aware of how our feet feel and taking good care of them is incredibly important to your overall health. If you ignore your feet and don't give them the care that they deserve, serious health complications can develop.

How To Prevent Problems

Foot wellness is about more than the pain they might be feeling. If you fail to pay attention to the structure of your feet, conditions such as plantar fasciitis and stress fractures can develop. While this seems scary, there are things you can do to prevent future problems with your feet.

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Stand or walk on softer surfaces (for example, grass or dirt rather than concrete or stone)
  • Make improvements to your footwear, including wearing orthotics or other arch support, which may better absorb the shock your feet take and stabilize your foot's structure
  • Schedule an appointment to talk to us about your feet 

Are Your Feet the Cause of your Pain?

Just like cracks in the walls, or windows that stick due to a settling house's foundation, many spinal problems may stem from a poor foundation (you guessed it...your feet!). On your next visit with us, we would be happy to discuss what you can do to help your feet carry your around better!