The Culprit of Colic

The culprit of colic

  • Does your child seem irritable?

  • Does your child arch backwards in pain?

  • Does your child suffer from reflux or spit up?

  • Does your child have trouble getting comfortable?

  • Does your child grunt uncontrollably?


Colic may present as a constantly irritable baby, typically beginning during the first few weeks of life until around three months, sometimes longer. Unfortunately, colic affects one third of the infant population. If you find your family in this boat you are not alone. For parents, it may seem there is no apparent reason for such behavior or a “that’s just how he is” mentality. 

As new parents, it’s often thought we should have a natural instinct of how to care for our child. And to some extent that is true, but – there comes a point when we, as new parents, have tried everything and can feel defeated, as if we’ve failed our children. But what if there is an underlying cause for this behavior? We’re here to tell you there may be one more thing to try when it comes to consoling your little one. It’s called chiropractic. The main premise of chiropractic is the nervous system – and how well it’s functioning. When there is stress built up in the nervous system, dysfunction arises. This dysfunction can create colic symptoms. Gently and specifically adjusting a child’s spine removes tension within the child’s nervous system. Decreasing tension within the nervous system allows a child to find ease and comfort.

What causes the build-up of stress & tension?

    • Misalignments within the spine, putting pressure on very important nerves

      • Pressure on nerves = decreased communication from the nervous system to the nerves, resulting in decreased function

    • Dominance of one side of the nervous system due to nerve irritation – stuck in fight or flight mode

Chiropractic has been shown to have a 94% success rate in decreasing colic symptoms—we like those odds! Healthy babies—free of nerve irritation—are happier babies.