Chiropractic Benefits Pregnancy and Delivery

Chiropractic & Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a super exciting time in a women’s life, that being said it can also be a bit scary. During a time of so many changes and numerous unknowns a girl needs support! When I really think about it, how cool is it that two cells are put together to form this perfect little life in front of me? That alone is amazing. The intelligence of the body is another remarkable thing; it knows exactly what it’s supposed to being doing at every given second. We don’t have to remember to tell ourselves to breathe; we don’t have to tell our heart to beat or our stomach how to break down our food. The body just knows!


The human body is designed for health and healing, just as the body knows exactly what to do in forming a new life inside an expecting mother. The changes a mother experiences throughout pregnancy are designed to accommodate her growing bump, however they can be a bit uncomfortable.

Chiropractic care is a natural and safe way to keep mom feeling her best. Prenatal chiropractic care can help provide greater comfort for the mother and baby, may reduce average labor times, encourage optimal fetal positioning, decrease stress; all while supporting a natural labor and delivery. With the increased interest in natural birthing, a growing number of mothers have incorporated chiropractic into their prenatal care.

Throughout pregnancy a woman’s body goes through vigorous changes; a mother may experience morning sickness, ranging hormones, trouble rolling over in bed, round ligament pain, etc. As pregnancy progresses, the body continues to compensate to accommodate for her growing baby. These changes may lead to uncomfortable postural changes. The bump begins to put extra strain on the low back causing an increased lumbar curve leading to possible mid back and neck aches; and the spiral affect is in full swing!

As the end of pregnancy nears, hormones increase to prepare for labor and delivery. These hormones allow for joints and supporting structures to become loose creating more space for the baby’s journey into the world. Chiropractic care during this time is vital, in keeping mom comfortable and ensuring proper balance; proper balance meaning boney structures, muscles and ligaments. Without proper balance we see an increased amount of torsion within the uterus. When torsion is present, the uterus isn’t able to fully expand; this may lead to abnormal positioning for the baby. Abnormal positioning may include transverse or breech presentations, to name a few. When proper balance is not achieved, an increase in birth interventions and longer labors have been reported.

Through a specific chiropractic technique called Webster’s; we are able to create proper balance within the pelvic girdle, ligamentous, and muscular structures. When proper alignment is achieved, baby is able assume the ideal position throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. Proper alignment supports a safe and natural birth with fewer interventions. Studies have highlighted prenatal chiropractic care for reducing average labor times; for example, first time mothers on average experience a shorter and straighter forward labor by 24%. The easier the labor and delivery is on mom, the easier it is on baby.

Aside from chiropractic being great at subsiding many aches and pains; there are also other numerous benefits to prenatal chiropractic care that mothers are taking advantage of. Most importantly, chiropractic care promotes a healthy functioning nervous system; our nervous system controls our every function within our body. Therefore, it is vital to have your nervous system functioning at its best; for you and your baby.

-Dr. Brooke