When should my baby be checked?

The most important time to have a child checked

Every person has their own unique story as to how they were brought into this world. Looking in depth at a mother’s pregnancy, labor and delivery can often project health outcomes for that child. By looking back on this beautiful and unique journey we are better able to look into areas where concern may arise:

·       Was pregnancy stressful?

·       How many weeks was the child born?

·       Was labor induced?

·       How long was labor?

·       What position were you during delivery?

·       What kind of medications were used?

·       Was delivery instrument assisted? (Forceps, Vacuum, C-section)

·       The list could go on & on…

Birth and pregnancy- although an absolute beautiful transition into motherhood, it can be somewhat of a stressful event, for mom and baby. The trauma a child and mother may experience through the labor and delivery process puts much strain on a newborn. Unfortunately, this birth trauma is often overlooked. The journey through the birth canal alone puts extensive amounts of pressure on an infant’s delicate spine and corresponding nerves. Add in the pulling, twisting and use of instruments to get your baby out, and we have the set the stage for havoc and neurological trauma.

The use of the instruments alone can put 60-80+ pounds of pressure on a child. Equivalent to tying a 60+ pound dumbbell around a delicate newborn. We understand that these instruments are and can be lifesaving, when needed. Another reason why chiropractic through pregnancy is absolutely vital! Read our previous blog to see why so many women are incorporating chiropractic care throughout preconception, pregnancy and motherhood. https://www.activelifebismarck.com/blog/chiropractic-benefits-pregnancy-and-delivery

We see it over and over – when nervous system function is restored in a newborn, they are able to thrive, grow, adapt and heal as they should. Therefore, birth is the most important time for a child to have their spine checked. If nerve dysfunction is left unresolved; common childhood conditions including:

·      difficulty breastfeeding                

·      irritability

·      colic & ear infections

·      reflux

·      constipation

·      asthma & allergies

·      bedwetting

 ·     persistent colds

·      difficulty sleeping

·      learning difficulties

·      ADHD

Why is this important? Birth often sets the tone for health outcomes throughout a child’s life. With so much pressure put upon a child during the delivery process; it is vital they are checked by a pediatric focused chiropractor, as soon as possible after birth. Having your child checked right off the bat will help restore any nerve interference or tension within their nervous system. Through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments, the bodies innate capabilities will be restored.

Our nervous system controls everything in our bodies; if it is not functioning at 100% neither are we. Chiropractic gives a child the best chance at living her best life possible with a clear and connected nervous system!