It’s too good to be true!

Before chiropractic care, taking Advil and being in pain of some sort was the norm in our family. It seemed as if we didn’t have enough energy to even keep up with our children. Our kids were constantly complaining of headaches, their back hurting, and bed wetting. We finally had enough and wanted to take charge of our lives. When we were first told the value of maintaining chiropractic care, it was almost too good to believe. It didn’t take long before we were believers. My husband and I started to take less Advil and had fewer aches and pains. Since we felt good, we had more energy and wanted to go out and enjoy activities with our kids. Sitting on the sidelines definitely became less of a norm. Our children have also benefitted from receiving chiropractic care. Our oldest child complained almost daily of having headaches. We took her into our family doctor and the eye doctor, but nothing was solved. She started seeing Dr. Sara, and we learned her neck was extremely out of place. We no longer have any tears or have to hear her saying her head hurts.

Our second child also complained of headaches and her lower back hurting. Since we had such great results with chiropractic care, we knew this was the route to go for her as well. As a parent there is nothing worse than having your child come to you saying they hurt, but there is nothing you can do to help. After visiting the chiropractor regularly she no longer complains either. Our third child never really complained about anything hurting, but he was extremely clumsy and we noticed when he was riding his bike he did most of the work with his one leg. It even got to the point where he just got off his bike and pushed it. He also had a lot of trouble with wetting his bed. Dr. Sara checked him out and we found out his pelvis was out of place. He now pedals his bike without any trouble and when he does wet his bed we know it is time to take him back in to get adjusted. The baby of the family is definitely the luckiest! She came along as we were discovering all the benefits of chiropractic care. Her first visit was when she was about two weeks old. She was the best baby! She slept good, ate good, and hardly cried. She was the only one that didn’t need a special formula and rarely needed gas drops. We continue to take her in as she reaches different mile stones to help her maintain her health.

This is just a glimpse of our story and the benefits of maintaining chiropractic care has had on our family. We wanted our children to feel good and be healthy, and we wanted to feel good too. Taking charge of our life is the best thing we could have done for our family. We are truly blessed to have found Active Life Chiropractic because they have made this possible for us.

-Thanks for all that you do!