My life has totally changed!

Dr. Sara and the staff at Active Life have helped me in so many ways it will be hard to wrap it up within a few sentences. When I began seeing Dr. Sara I was overweight, I was tired and I was in constant pain. Looking back at it now, I was sick. The past 5+ years she has encouraged me to find my way into a healthy and active life style while helping treat the physical pains that were holding me back! Thanks to her continued care and advice I have minimal headaches, hip aches and back aches. I’m maintaining a 50+ weight loss and I’m now happier and healthier than I was in my teens!

The staff at Active Life are irreplaceable. They know you by name and greet you with a genuine smiling face at every appointment. They take the time to prove they care. It’s not a shuffle in and out the door. If you have concerns or questions about your health they will address it and help! Not only have I benefited from Dr.Sara’s care. I have family, friends and even my own babies have been helped Dr. Sara. She and her clinic are a true blessing and I look forward to our standing monthly appointments.

It is almost unthinkable how much Chiropractic care helps me in my day to day life. Honestly, I’ve benefited more than having an adjustment done. The wisdom and knowledge she and her staff have about living an active lifestyle have been so beneficial to me. I am now using a standing desk, thanks to the recommendations of Dr.Sara. I’m thinking about the way I sit and stand and how much water I’m drinking. I take time to workout, stretch and take care of my body. I’m now able to live the active life I have created…pain free!

Thank You, Active Life. Thank you all of you for helping me and encouraging me to be the active and healthy person I was meant to be. I cannot thank you enough!

- Sarah M.