Chiropractic care can help with potty training?

Our 3-year-old daughter, Bria, was struggling with constipation.  We had tried months of medication, fiber supplements, prune juice and most other tricks recommended to us with little to no results. We heard chiropractic care was also used to treat constipation in young children and decided to give it a try. We are so glad we did! Within a few treatments with Dr. Sara we were noticing a change in Bria, and a month into the treatment plan she was going regularly. We also went from Bria not being potty-trained to being fully trained as she went through her chiropractic treatment plan. She looks forward to seeing Dr. Sara and the staff at Active Life, and is completely comfortable at her appointments.  We are so thankful for what Dr. Sara and chiropractic care has done for our daughter!

-Kylie B.