What's Really Causing Your Back Pain?

When you experience back pain, it is far from enjoyable. While no one likes to feel that pain, it is actually very common. Nearly every adult around the world has felt back pain at some point in his or her life. It is surprising to learn that in many cases, back pain doesn’t actually start in your back.

So, what is the source of the pain if it doesn’t start in your back? We’ve put together a few options of what could be the cause of your back pain.

Hip Misalignment 

Do you ever get the feeling the steps you’re taking are uneven? The weight of a heavy bag on one side, not wearing supportive shoes, and poor posture can contribute to the misalignment of our hips, which leads to low back pain. Misaligned hips are often the result of weakness in the core, pelvis, or back muscles or uneven shoes.


In our modern world, everywhere you look, people are looking down at their cell phones or tablets. It’s something we’re all guilty of, and it also can be a cause of back pain. Looking downwards too frequently can overstretch muscles and tissues, which can cause neck pain and lead to misalignment in the spine. Experiencing back pain from text-neck is a compensation reaction, where the source of the problem is the neck.

The age group that faces the highest risk of suffering from text-neck symptoms are younger children and teenagers.

Prolonged Sitting

Many of us spend the majority of our day behind a desk, sitting for hours and hours with limited movement. This type of prolonged sitting causes the spine to compress, and increases stress on the legs, arms, back, and neck. To prevent back pain resulting from long periods of sedentary behavior, try setting an alarm or reminder to move around every hour. You can also use an ergonomic chair, mouse pad, and keyboard in your work space to further benefit your health.

No matter what the source of your back pain is, chiropractic care can help. For more information about how adjustments can help relieve your back pain, call us today for an obligation free appointment.