Want to Beat Inflammation? Eat!

Many patients come to us searching for relief care, and aren’t aware of how a poor diet and nutrition can cause inflammation and aches in the body. What we consume does more than effect our appearance, it effects how we feel internally.

But what does it mean exactly for one to suffer from internal inflammation? If a substance that your body doesn’t want is ingested or introduced, your immune system is put to work and attacks it. That causes inflammation which can be reflected in several ways including a decreased range of motion, painful and swollen joints, anxiety, stress, and fatigue among many others. If we are consistently ingesting food that is not good for us, inflammation can lead to chronic illness and disease.

Before we examine what foods help your body remain healthy and away from inflammation, we need to identify what foods are known culprits of causing inflammation. These food are typically considered unhealthy, and include the following:

  •          Red meat
  •          Fried foods
  •          Shortening, lard or margarine
  •          Refined carbs (beards and pastries)
  •          Soda

Inflammation-Fighting Foods

Before you go to your pharmacy and start taking medications made to reduce inflammation, stop by the grocery store first and introduce these foods into your diet:

  •          Salmon and other fatty fish
  •          Almonds
  •          Olive oil
  •          Fruits such as cherries, blueberries, and oranges
  •          Tomatoes
  •          Leafy vegetables including spinach and kale

Do you have additional questions about inflammatory foods? Ask us during your next visit, and we’ll help you reduce the effects they have on your body!