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Chiropractic and a Healthy Heart

Show yourself some love, and take a moment to consider your heart’s health!

The World Health Organization reports that 17.3 million people are killed annually by heart disease. While this statistic is alarming, numbers like this help us to realize just how important heart health awareness is and what we can do to improve it.

How Less Meat Can Benefit You

Meat Fact #1: Both American men and women eat almost DOUBLE the amount of protein needed for their body weight.

Meat is a staple in the majority of American’s lives. It is a key part of many of our Holidays from turkey during Thanksgiving to burgers and hot dogs on Fourth of July. It’s a daily part of most of our lives, and for many people it is the main component of very meal. The media, however, has recently shown us the drawbacks involved with the mass consumption of meat. Reports from the American Dietetic Association and the The World Health Organization explain that meat consumption may lead to an increased risk of certain types of cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The two biggest non-contagious disease killers in the world are cardiovascular disease and cancer, so protecting yourself from those risks is incredibly important.