How Less Meat Can Benefit You

Meat Fact #1: Both American men and women eat almost DOUBLE the amount of protein needed for their body weight.


 Meat is a staple in the majority of American’s lives. It is a key part of many of our Holidays from turkey during Thanksgiving to burgers and hot dogs on Fourth of July. It’s a daily part of most of our lives, and for many people it is the main component of very meal. The media, however, has recently shown us the drawbacks involved with the mass consumption of meat. Reports from the American Dietetic Association and the The World Health Organization explain that meat consumption may lead to an increased risk of certain types of cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The two biggest non-contagious disease killers in the world are cardiovascular disease and cancer, so protecting yourself from those risks is incredibly important.

Without Meat, Where Will You Get Your Protein?

You’re probably thinking, “Where do I get my protein from if I don’t eat meat?” there are many protein-rich sources from plant-based foods, like quinoa, beans, seitan, and legumes. You can also consider food combining. Food combining pairs together complementary foods, like beans and rice. When combined, those foods result in the right combination of amino acids.

These choices will give your body what it needs, while you feel full and satisfied, just as you would with a meat-based meal!

Environmental Impacts

Another important consideration to make when thinking of meat consumption is the effect that it has on the environment. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has reported that large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the livestock industry. The livestock industry has also been considered largely responsible for the decrease of land and water quality in our world. It is important to consider the impact you can have on the planet when it comes to your dietary choices.

 Find the Right Balance For You

Removing meat from your diet completely might not be a realistic option for you. But, you can still make a positive change. Many Americans are now practicing Meatless Mondays in their home. A quick search online can provide you with many recipes for healthy and delicious meals from plant-based proteins. Try visiting the website and receive a free vegetarian starter guide. The best way to decide what is best for you and your family is to do some of your own research. With more knowledge about the subject, you’ll be able to find the best fit for you!