Every Castle Needs Soldiers

No matter how strong a castle is, it still needs an army to defend it against invasion. Soldiers protect castles from impending attacks and fight off enemy forces. Without these soldiers, the castle and its residents can fall prey to invaders. 

Protecting Your Castle

Consider your body your castle and your immune system your soldiers. If your body (castle) doesn't have a healthy immune system (soldiers) , your body can be invaded by germs and microbes that can become an infection or disease.

Your immune system keeps your germs at bay. Any time an unwelcome virus or bacteria enter your body, your immune system gets to work sending out healthy cells to fight back. Your immune system can only perform at it's best if your nervous system is functioning properly. 

Your Nervous System Is King

As you know, the king (nervous system) and soldiers (immune system) work closely together to protect the castle (your body). Without a healthy nervous system to control every cell, tissue, gland and system in your body, you'll be more susceptible to invading germs.

It's important to strengthen your army by making sure you have a powerful king to lead the troops. Chiropractic care allows your nervous system to perform optimally. Give us a call to see how we can help you protect your castle :D