Routine Maintenance

Before seeing Dr. Doug, I had hip and back pain almost constantly due to my job. My husband started seeing him before I did, and he convinced me to make an appointment after we had to stop short in our vehicle to avoid a collision and hitting my head and really hurting my neck.

After even my first week of treatment, I could see all of the benefits of chiropractic care thanks to Dr. Doug and the amazing staff of Active Life. My pain was going away, I was sleeping better, I had more energy and I was in a better mood. All things I was skeptical about at first.

Every time we come in for our adjustments, we are greeted with smiles and asked what is good in our world. They all have a positive outlook on life, and it really is contagious. We truly do see them as part of our family and look forward to our appointments.

Any chiropractor I had been to before was a “come when you need it” type of place, and I truly believe the routine maintenance that Dr. Doug and staff suggests is a way better approach to overall comfort and health. I have been seeing Dr. Doug for about 2 years and can’t imagine how life would be if we didn’t find him.

Thank you Dr. Doug, Dr. Sara and staff for making me a believer!
-Kara Timmreck

For the past several years my line of work keeps me behind a windshield driving down the highway. As a result I spend several hours a day sitting. When I am not driving for work, I have my face in a computer documenting the days activities. It has made my middle back a bit of a wreck. Prior to seeing Dr. Doug, I was resorting to Ibuprofen, heat wraps, trying to talk the wife into rubbing my back (I still do that now anyways :) ). The consistent ache in my back effected my sleep, my mood, my attitude, my life! I honestly picked Active Life Chiropractic at random. I didn't read reviews or talk to peers, they were just the first place I saw. I am to this day truly glad I found them. I "drank the juice" and got care as often as recommended by Dr. Doug. The bottom line, maintenance doesn't cost, it pays. I feel much better in my day to day life and I can wholly attribute that to excellent chiropractic care from Dr. Doug and his team. Thank you Active Life Chiropractic!!!
-Jaimie Timmreck