Bad Back Pain….

I knew I was in trouble. Returning to Bismarck from a ski trip in Colorado, I grabbed the duffel bag off the carrousel and the pain in my back literally took me to my knees. I tried to stretch and take care of my back. After two weeks the sharp pain was radiating from by lower back down the back of my legs to the knees. I went to the doctor and they did X-rays. He noted moderate Arthritis of my lower back and said I probably had a pinched nerve. I did a month of physical therapy and religiously did my exercises twice a day. I did have some relief at first but my left foot started getting numb and my left leg would flop when I walked. I thought I would be crippled with Arthritis like my father.

I decided to try a chiropractor. I talked to a few people and decided to call Active Life. Everyone at Active Life Chiropractic is great. You’re greeted by first name when you walk through the door. I went through an evaluation and Dr. Sara obtained the X-rays. We discussed options and started a course of treatment. The pain was better after a few visits. After just four weeks, my foot is almost back to normal and I am walking much better. I’m looking forward to a hike in the Black Hills, another trip to Denver and next year hiking in Glacier Park. I am happy I decided to call Active Life Chiropractic.

-Phil Viton