Long Awaited Migraine Relief

I have suffered from migraines for 27 years. The frequency and duration of my migraines over this period of time ranged from being somewhat manageable to lasting a week at a time and making me miserable. About 3 years ago my migraines had become bad. I was getting one almost every single day. Nothing I did was helping me to get relief except taking shots, which I took every day when I should have only been taking one a week. My quality of life was low: I was missing work, wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t able to work out or be active at all, or spend time with friends – I literally wasn’t living. A co-worker recommended I come to Active Life as she had received great benefit from Dr. Doug. I took her advice and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Since I started coming to Active Life, Dr. Doug has helped me so much that I have gone from getting 25-30 migraines a month to about 5-8. One prescription or 10 shots can last me one to two months now. Dr. Doug’s positivity, caring for my wellbeing and his overall treatments has given me my life back. The entire team at Active Life are wonderful, friendly people that I love to see each time I go for an appointment. I would highly recommend Active Life Chiropractic to anyone needing chiropractic care (and have). It is a great place, with great doctors willing to help you live a healthy life.

-Angie T.