A Family Affair

I started at Active Life when (after both knees being replaced) the doctor said I might need hip replacement surgery. My daughter told me to try Dr. Sara first. It was one of the best decisions of my life. She not only helped my hips, Dr. Sara has helped and eliminated my carpel tunnel, shoulder trouble, lower back pain and of course my hips. When my mother, Caroline, had trouble with her lower back and one leg being shorter than the other, I took her to Dr. Sara also. Mom was so surprised at how much this helped her. Dr. Sara keeps both legs level and she walked so well now with just the help of a cane to assist her. Did I mention my mom will be 91 years old?? Best of all, the treatments really lessen the pain in Mom’s lower back.

My sister, Carry, moved to Bismarck a couple years ago after the death of her husband. She had a curve in her spine and one collar bone higher than the other. She walked a little bent over and to the side. Of course, I asked her to go for an evaluation at Active Life Chiropractic. She saw Dr. Doug who treated her. It took a little time but her whole gait has changed. She now walks straight up, and with maintenance treatment, the pain is gone.

It amazes me, when someone goes to the chiropractor after years of pain and expects a one treatment cure. It takes time and some treatments to undo what the years have done. Be patient. Active Life also has the best staff I’ve seen in any business. The office staff cares and are always so helpful and so free with their sweet smiles. We are so appreciative of all of you.

- Gerry Ann, Caroline, and Carry