Heart Burn Free

For about a year and a half, I have had really bad heart burn. It affected everything I did from staying fit to showing animals with 4H. I went to several doctors, walk in clinics, family doctors, and even allergists. I got diagnoses such as asthma, vocal cord dysfunction, hay fever, allergies, heartburn… and the list goes on. I was on a lot of daily medication and I had a choice to make. Did I want to continue taking pills for the rest of my life or change something? I began going to Active Life Chiropractic to see Dr. Sara Weigel. She has helped tremendously; even to the point where I am no longer taking any pills! With Active Life Chiropractic, I can enjoy the things I love without worrying about my heartburn. I will forever be grateful for Active Life Chiropractic and Dr. Sara!

-Mara B., age 14