Gentle Adjustments for Our Baby

At 8 month old our daughter, Ella, continued to show “colicky” traits such as inconsolable crying and general discomfort. I was apprehensive about seeking chiropractic care, as I thought it would be invasive and scary for my baby. However, the care at Active Life was just the opposite. The adjustments were gentle and everything was explained before treatment was given. After the recommended treatment Ella seemed so much more content, happy, and interactive. Her first week of treatment, she even started crawling and regularly sleeping through the night! Eight after Ellas was adjusted, she would look up at Dr Weigel and five her a big smile as if she was saying, “Ahh, Thank you!” After witnessing the positive changes chiropractic care had on my child, I decided to seek care for the first time when I was training for the Fargo 10K.  Usually when I ran long distances, my shoulder muscles would be tight and painful. With adjustments from Dr. Weigel, I experienced absolutely NO discomfort in my shoulders while running, and the resulting increased energy was just incredible! I highly suggest Active Life Chiropractic to anyone experiencing discomfort; you’ll be amazed at how much better you and your family can feel or perform in sports!

-Cassy and Ella