Move It or Lose It!

Do you find that chronic joint pain and tightness are keeping you from doing the things you love? Mobility is an essential part of being healthy and happy. Let's make sure we work to improve your range of motion, so that you can live your life to the fullest!

The Basics Range of Motion

So, what is range of motion? It is the mobility of the joints in the body, measured in degrees of a circle. If you are healthy, your joints maintain a normal range of motion that makes you able to move about freely, carry on with normal daily activities, and just enjoy life. Injury, being overweight or obese, incorrect posture, a lack of movement, aging, and issues with the spine may impair your flexibility and range of motion.

Keep Active!

Many clients come to us with common problems including joint, neck, and back pain. The purpose of seeing you chiropractor regularly helps you to maintain and retain your health, no matter your age. Normal range of motion is particularly important for any type of athletic performance.

Maintain Your Range

We were designed to turn in bend in certain ways, so how can we maintain those abilities?

Stretching. Stretching exercises not only improve your range of motion, but can also reduce pain. Both active and passive range of motion exercises are practiced, and they work on strengthening your muscles and joints. We can show you what exercises will work best for you.

Regular chiropractic care. Maintaining regular chiropractic care helps your neck, limbs, and joints stay flexible and mobile. When addressing pain issues, chronic ailments are often healed because the normal range of motion is restored.

We would love to show you additional ways to help you live a longer, better, and healthier life. Call us and schedule an obligation fee consultation and let's get started!