Chiropractic for Wellness

Most of us do not think to visit a doctor when we are feeling well. However, a growing number of people striving for wellness are visiting chiropractors on a regular basis.

The First Symptom

Remember missing school when you were sick and returning when you felt better? We are taught to think of being sick as having obvious symptoms. But these days, many health problems are the result of lifestyle choices that don't always have obvious symptoms until the effects are well advanced.

A Healthy Response

We also often ignore healthy symptoms. Here is an example, if you have ever suffered from food poisoning, you probably felt awful during. However, that is actually a sign of a healthy body. Your body was protecting you from the food. This is a healthy response. So true health is not always feeling well, it is actually that our bodies function well.

Nervous System Control

Your body's ability to function is based upon the integrity of your nervous system. That's the primary focus of wellness chiropractic care. We ensure that every organ and tissue has uninterrupted nerve supply. Wellness care involves detecting little problems before they become serious problems. 

The Key to Health & Wellness

True health and wellness is optimum physical, mental, and social well-being. Commonly proper health is thought to be the absence of disease or infirmity. 

Proper hydration, correct diet, and regular exercise and every other healthy habit, including regular chiropractic care, ensure proper health and wellness. The best way to assure health is to have a properly working nervous system. This gives your body it's best fighting chance against any issue.

Although everyone wants to eliminate pain, your care should not be based on whether or not you have pain or other symptoms. Subluxations (spinal misalignments) may exist without obvious symptoms. Just like you can have a cavity without pain, or high blood pressure with no signs, you can have nervous system interference without knowing it. 

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