World Traveler

Before starting chiropractic care I was having headaches daily and was having to take Tylenol much too frequently to try to manage them. I started chiropractic care with Dr. Sara a couple years ago and I still get adjusted monthly in order to feel great and prevent my headaches from returning.  I’ve only had a handful of headaches since starting chiropractic and because I know my spine is well-adjusted, I also know that these infrequent headaches must be caused by something related to my lifestyle, like stress.

To those who may be skeptical about chiropractic care, my advice is simple:  You don’t know until you try!  You really have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work.

After my wife referred me to Active Life, I realized that many of my family members come here, too! Chiropractic has helped my family and has improved my quality of life, allowing me to enjoy my active lifestyle. In fact, I recently traveled to my 50th state and am loving life!

-Dan D.