The kids love going to appointments at Active Life!

When our daughter, Olivia, was 6 weeks old she was hospitalized with RSV.  After that she battled respiratory illnesses all the time.  A friend’s recommendation lead us to Dr. Weigel.  Since then she has been very healthy with few if any respiratory issues.  After seeing the benefits of chiropractic care firsthand the whole family began to see Dr. Weigel and Dr. Ness.  The health of our family improved immensely allowing us to have fun and be an active family.

The kids love going to doctors’ appointments at Active Life!  Ben is a curious 6 year old and loves how everything is explained to him.  The time Dr. Sara and Dr. Doug take to discuss things is comforting and reassures us that this is the best step for our family in leading healthy lives.  The staff is so nice and friendly we look forward to seeing them for years to come.

-Jen C