My only regret was not coming to Active Life sooner

I work in long-term health care as a CNA, with that can come lots of lifting and bending. I had dealt with minor neck and back pain before but nothing as painful as in the last six months. I was beginning to think it was just something that came along with the job and it was normal. I finally reached a point and said, “This cannot be normal.” I was hesitant to visit a chiropractor because of stories I had heard from different people. “Once you start, you have to keep going back for the rest of your life.” I disregarded the stories and wanted to find out for myself. I walked into Active Life Chiropractic and was greeted with smiling faces. They walked me through the facility and answered all of my questions.

I then met Dr. Ness, who taught me some valuable information about the nervous system. He explained that when vertebrae are out of place, the signals between your brain and parts of your body cannot be transmitted. I was shocked to see what could all be affected by having a few vertebrae out of place. By about my sixth visit I was walking out of there feeling like a different person. Going to work and coming home without neck and back pain is a wonderful feeling. I can finally get back to playing sports and doing outdoor activities that I love. My only regret was not coming to Active Life sooner. Not only has Dr. Ness greatly changed my life, but the entire staff for being so nice and helpful.

-Carolyn M.