Medical Doctors Couldn’t Help

I am a local law enforcement officer and as such, back pain makes my job impossible to do. I have suffered from back pain on and off for several years and carrying around several pounds of added weight on a belt did not help my back. After seeing different MDs and having MRIs done, all they could say was, “Nothing is wrong with your back, but I can prescribe you some pain killers.” Did the pain killers help? Sometimes… but usually not.

I then went out on a limb and figured I’d try a chiropractor. Dr. Doug was recommended to me by a friend who was seeing Dr. Doug on a regular basis. Going in, I didn’t know whether or not it would work, but I was willing to try something, as I had been in severe pain for several days and had to take time off work since I couldn’t move since I couldn’t move. Amazingly, after only a few visits it started getting better. I have now been a patient of Active Life for two years and not only am I seldom having random back pain anymore, but I feel better about life in general. I now see Dr. Doug on a regular maintenance basis, unless work causes me to come get extra adjustments due to stress or injuries. Thank you!