Good morning and pain- free thanks to Dr. Doug!

Pleasure comes in many forms during our lives as we age and work through the years. As with any job, our body only has so much to give, whether you are rough necking on an oil drilling rig or driving a 28- wheel truck in the oil field. Your back, your knees, your hips; they all pay the price from climbing the stairs up the derrick to wrestling with triple rail chains several times a day and for many years. Of course having and surviving a rig accident and being hauled off the Killdeer Mountains, in an ambulance didn’t help my structure out any. It took a few years of roughnecking and driving for the pain to set in.

Oh man, it got to where easy tasks like fencing and running chain saws just got to be too much. The headaches, the pain in my hips, the sleepless, achy nights, even the pain pills didn’t help. It all came to forms when helping our son out with the tree business. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Than our daughter, Dawn, told us about a wonderful chiropractor she found. My wife convinced me to give it a try after she had gone to him. I was reluctant, but man, am I glad I listened to them!!

Dr. Doug’s kind heart and friendly staff started to make me feel a lot better real soon.  Several visits a week and now down to once a month has been a real blessing. No pain pills, migraines and the ability to put in a full day of tree cutting has made this one of the best decisions I have made.

If you aren’t sure just give it a try. Sure, it will hurt a bit at first but the pain is well worth the gain. No more pain in my hips, sleeping better and a more positive attitude of life. Its well worth it!!!