Fussy Baby

Our son, Billy, was diagnosed with severe colic and severe acid reflux by the time he was 4 weeks old. If he wasn’t screaming and crying, he was throwing up. He was throwing up more and more. We knew that when it came to burping him, that he would throw up. So Billy would make his body stiff as a board so you had a hard time trying to burp him. It got to the point that he would throw up while eating, getting burped, 2-3 hours after he last ate, and even in his sleep. We had him at the doctors constantly. They even did ultrasounds on his stomach but that came back clear. The doctors would tell us that he will “grow out of it”. They kept giving medicine but it never did any good. So many people kept telling us to bring him to a baby chiropractor but we refused.

When he was 3 months old, he was getting so bad that we never saw him smile anymore. It broke our hearts and we got desperate. We finally caved in and brought Billy to Active Life Chiropractic. Dr. Sara explained to us that he was out of place from birth. I was induced for 20+ hours and then ended up having a C-section. The first day Dr. Sarah met Billy, he was happy until she barely touched his neck then he burst into tears. By the end of the week, Billy didn’t even react to her adjusting him. Dr. Sara was so gentle with our son and we couldn’t be any happier. She also recommended a stronger pro-biotic than what we were using. She recommended Theralac and told us how to give it to Billy.

After a week of chiropractic appointments, he started loving belly time, which he use to refuse and scream if you would put him on his belly. He doesn’t cry when you pick him up. After a month he was a whole new baby! He only cries when he is hungry or tired now. And now he loves belly time and smiles non-stop. He is also now off of his pro-biotics and doesn’t need any medicine. We actually bring him out in public without worries of him screaming and crying the whole time. We went from being 100% against Chiropractic for babies to 100% for it! We have told so many people how it helped us and our son. Our next baby will come in the week of birth! Thank you Dr. Sarah!