“Dr. Ness is so gentle with Blake”

Our daughter Blake was born in August of 2013 by c-section and was breach. She started to get colic around a month old, so we took her to a chiropractor and within a couple if weeks she was back to our happy baby. When she was around 6 months she started on food, which made her digestion off, was rolling all over the place, stopped sleeping through the night, which she had been doing since she was a week old, and she was pulling at her ear.

So we brought her in to Active Life, who was highly recommended by a friend, and we’ve had the absolute best experience with not only Blake’s results from the adjustments, but also with the staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Ness is so gentle with Blake and so willing to answer any and all questions and provides wonderful advice. Blake has been sleeping through the night again, her digestion is consistent and she’s just an all around happy baby again. We are so very thankful for Dr. Ness and all of the wonderful staff at Active Life Chiropractic. We will continue to bring Blake as she grows. Thank you so much!