Adjusted Since Birth, Healthy for Life!

Honestly, I can’t tell you any dramatic stories about how my kids’ health has improved after they started chiropractic care at Active Life, but this is because my kids have both been adjusted since birth.  In fact, my son, Henry, was adjusted 14 minutes after he was born!

What I CAN attest to is that because Evelyn and Henry get their spines checked regularly, they have so rarely been sick! Neither of the kids have ever had an ear infection, been on antibiotics, or even visited a medical doctor because of an illness. I attribute this to a combination of getting adjusted regularly, being breastfed, and having a healthy diet.

baby Henry being adjustedThey do go to daycare, where there is always something going around. However, the majority of the time they never “catch” whatever virus their friends have and when they do get sick the severity of their symptoms and the length of their colds are REMARKABLY milder compared to their peers’. When they do get sick, we just get them adjusted a little more often than normal and watch their little immune systems go to work!

-Henry and Evelyn