21 Day Purification Program


"The BEST Christmas present I've ever received!"

Our entire family has been coming to Active Life for years and so for a long time Dr. Doug had been trying to get me to do the Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse.  I knew it would be beneficial to me, but there were always excuses, too many things going on with the family, not organized enough, wanting to have my husband do it with me but he travels a lot.  Well, it finally happened.  I had gotten to the point of no longer liking what I saw in the mirror each day and wanting to really do something about it.  Also, my 16 year old daughter, who was in between sports seasons, was willing to join me, so we went for it.  We started the cleanse on Monday after Thanksgiving and some thought we were crazy.  We had to sacrifice the delicious food and goodies that would be served at multiple Christmas parties in the 3 weeks of our cleanse, however we thought if we could be determined during this time of year, we would be able to do it again any time of the year! 

The results were AMAZING! In 21 days, I lost 11 pounds and a good portion of my “Muffin Top” tummy.  My daughter’s skin cleared up, we both felt like we had lots of energy and didn’t feel deprived or hungry because of the shakes/supplements that the program has.  It taught us the importance of drinking a lot of water.  My water intake was so great that I noticed my muscles toning and my adjustments with Dr. Doug were much easier, especially my middle back area that I struggled with for years.  I didn’t have the “caffeine” headaches and at the end of 21 days, didn’t really care to have a pop anymore or as much wine that I used to enjoy.  We were also amazed at how little food you really need to eat to sustain a healthy diet (it’s all about WHAT you eat).

Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges along the way, eating fruits and vegetables for the first 10 days and the ways to serve them – my daughter and I found creative and imaginative ways to serve fruits and vegetables.  Also, this time of year it’s not easy to find good fresh fruit so we used frozen fruit for our shakes, and fresh fruit when we were craving something sweet.  The recipe book that came with had recipes that we enjoyed and that our other family members said they would eat regularly.  As well, Dr. Doug, Dr. Sara and the staff at Active Life helped keep us motivated and cheered us on when we came in for adjustments.  It also proved challenging to cook a meal for myself and daughter, and then another meal for the rest of the family, but again, I just learned to be organized and plan ahead as much as possible.

We would recommend this cleanse to anyone who is sick and tired of feeling bloated, tired, overweight, unhappy with your appearance and just wanting to do something really good for yourself and your family.  So go ahead, what have you got to lose?

-Becki & Alexi