Chiropractic for Stress

Most of us consider all stress to be bad. But, in reality, there's good stress and bad stress. A 20 minute high intensity workout for a fit 25-year old is good stress. That same work out for a 75-year old is likely going to be bad stress. We each deal with stress differently, for instance some of us may faint or lose consciousness as an attempt to manage stress. There are three different types of stress that we all deal with on a regular basis.

Physical Stress

Repetitive motions such as painting, or sleeping in a bad position (on your stomach with your neck twisted), or whiplash injuries from a car accidents are examples of physical stresses. As are slips and falls, and even being born!

Mental Stress

Ever been overwhelmed with an impossible amount of work? Or struggled to grieve the loss of a loved one? Have you ever noticed the posture of someone who is depressed? Frustration or a sense of powerlessness are common forms of emotional stress. We give the most attention to mental stress since physical stress is usually masked with pain medication. 

Chemical Stress

We are constantly being assaulted with chemicals, usually without even realizing it. Drugs, preservatives, tobacco, alcohol, pollen and a host of other substances can affect our nervous system and muscle tone on a regular basis.

Your body reacts to these assaults all the time without you ever knowing. However, when it can no longer handle the stress it becomes subluxated (misaligned). Chiropractic care helps to restore normal nervous system function so you can continue to properly adapt to stress. 

There is no way to rid your life of stress, but chiropractic care helps your body to better adapt to it. Schedule an appointment with us to see how chiropractic care can help with your stress.