Chiropractic for Pregnant Women

Typically, most people shudder at the thought of chiropractic during pregnancy. However, there are four stages during pregnancy in which having an optimally working nervous system can help both mother and child.

Many patients who received regular adjustments during pregnancy report a shorter, more pleasant delivery.

Help with Infertility

Even before birth, proper nervous system control of the reproductive organs has blessed many chiropractic patients with the child they were struggling to conceive, and helps the mother carry the pregnancy to term with ease.


Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy appeals to mothers trying to maintain proper health for themselves and for the baby. It also ensure the best possible positioning for the birthing process.

Labor and Birth

The hips and spine are extremely important during the birthing process. Chiropractic ensure the optimum positioning to reduce the need for any medical interventions during birth.

After Birth

Whether it's a C-section, a natural birth, etc. all births place undue stress on your baby's spine. If your baby is suffering from a subluxation (spinal misalignment) they may have trouble turning their head to the side to breastfeed. 

Chiropractic care is safe and gentle for your and for your baby. We're here to help! Schedule an appointment with us today.

Common Questions:

  • Will adjustments hurt my baby?
    • We would never do anything to hurt your or your baby. The most common concern of patients if that an adjustment will be painful, specifically for children. Adjustment for children and infants or for pregnant mothers are much different than those for adults. In fact, adjusting techniques are usually modified for a person's size and specific problem. 
  • Will adjustments make my spine too loose?
    • Not at all. Only the spinal joints that a locked up will receive an adjustment. This allows the weakened nerves, muscles, and ligaments to stabilize and heal. 
  • Pregnancy is natural. Why would I need chiropractic?
    • Yes, pregnancy and birth are natural. It's what hospitals have done to the birthing process that make it an issue, though natural births can still be traumatic! A newborn's introduction to the world is likely accompanied by a severe temperature drop, loud noises, and drugs. These can all have a profound effect on a newborn, especially if their nervous system is already unable to work properly due to a misalignment.
  • Will my medical doctor approve/recommend chiropractic care?
    • A medical recommendation for chiropractic is not required. The opinion of a health professional is always helpful in making decisions, so if you'd like ask your doctor about chiropractic and learn more about the natural, drug free approach to wellness.
  • What does my spine have to do with my baby?
    • While it's always ideal to have an optimally functioning nervous system, it's especially helpful during pregnancy. Both mother and baby benefit.