Chiropractic for Headaches

Headaches are very common, but that doesn't make them normal.

Pain Medication

The most common approach to headaches is pain relievers. Chiropractic takes a more natural approach. Our goal is to find the underlying cause of your headache and treat it so your headaches will not recur.

What Causes Your Headaches?

Headaches are most commonly caused by a lack of support from your neck. If the bones in your neck are not properly supporting your head, you may notice a reduced range of motion, headaches, etc. These spinal misalignments can affect the nerves, muscles, and even the blood supply to your head. 

A chiropractic examination will detect these spinal misalignments that could be causing your headaches. If an interference is present, you're likely to benefit from chiropractic care. 

Headaches are a Compensation Reaction

Your headaches are being caused by a compensation in your body. For example, if you have low back problems, your upper spine may compensate. This can cause your head to shift off center, which leads to headaches.

While we can't guarantee headache relief, we have had a high success rate with our patients who are suffering from headaches. Give us a call so we can discuss your situation and how we can be of help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is my spine what's causing all my headaches? 
    • The three most common causes of headaches are physical trauma, emotional stress or chemical toxins. So your spine is not necessarily the culprit. Sometimes it can be a combination of all three. Our examination will help to identify and correct the cause.
  • What is a subluxation?
    • A subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebrae. Subluxations are caused by physical stresses such as falls, accidents, repetitive motions, improper lifting, etc. They can be caused by emotional stresses such as anger, fear, stress etc. Subluxations can also be caused by chemical stressors such as alcohol, drugs, preservatives, pollution, and improper diet. 
  • I was told my pain is all in my head. What can I do?
    • Pain is real and it is a way of alerting you to the fact that something is not working properly. Psychological sources of pain are common. So your pain can be in your head, but it can also be treated! Undetected subluxations are likely the culprit.
  • How many visits will it take to find relief from my headaches?
    • Some patients experience relief quickly, but others notice a slow decline in their symptoms after several weeks of chiropractic care. It's impossible to say with certainty how many visits it will take since improvement varies per patient. 
  • What if chiropractic care doesn't work?
    • If we cannot find and correct the cause of your particular problem, we will refer you to other experts who may be able to help. Your health and wellness are our only goal. so we will do whatever we can to help.
  • Why hasn't my physician suggested chiropractic?
    • A natural approach to health and wellness did not use to be considered the norm. That's changing. And as more and more patients are demanding alternatives to drugs and surgery, more medical practitioners are referring patients to chiropractic.