Chiropractic for Children & Infants

Surprisingly enough, children and infants can actually benefit the most from regular chiropractic care. While most think of chiropractic as a solution for neck and back pain, they are surprised to learn that chiropractic can be helpful for many types of childhood health issues.

Nervous System Interferences

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of the body and controls and regulates the entire body. Many childhood health problems are simply a result of nervous system interferences, commonly along the spine.

We use gentle adjusting techniques to help reduce these disturbance so your child's body can return to working as it was designed. Better health is a natural result when the brain and body have uninterrupted communication pathways.

Chiropractic for Children

When examining children, we commonly find nerve disturbances associated with many types of common childhood health complaints:

Chiropractic for Traumatic Birth: The birth process is almost always traumatic to the newborn due to effects of in-utero constraint, C-sections, vacuum extractions, or other aspects of birth. Have your newborn checked shortly after the birth to restore proper spinal function.

Chiropractic for Colic: Whether a natural birth, a C-section, etc. birth trauma typically produces a child's first nerve interference. Your baby can't tell you they have gas or severe abdomen pain, so they're likely just crying and crying and crying. Learn more about how chiropractic can help with colic >>

Chiropractic for Ear infections: Interferences in the upper spine can compromise the nervous system and immune system, making your child's ears susceptible to viral infection. Learn more about how chiropractic can help with ear infections >>

Chiropractic for Bedwetting: If your child's nervous system is compromised in the lower back, this can block nerve messages that are responsible for bladder control. Many children have regained their confidence and self-esteem with the help of chiropractic care. Learn more about how chiropractic can help with bedwetting >>

Chiropractic for ADHD: Psychotropic drugs are a common treatment for ADHD, but many parents are no investigating chiropractic care first. Reducing tension to the nervous system has produced excellent results for many children struggling with ADHD. Learn more about how chiropractic can help with ADHD >>

Chiropractic for Asthma: The bronchial tubes, lungs and diaphragm can be suffering from neurological compromise. With the help of chiropractic care, attacks can often be reduced or eliminated. Learn more about how chiropractic can help with Asthma >>

Chiropractic for Growing Pains: Pain of any kind is a warning that something is functioning properly. While growing pains are commonly viewed as a phase, it's actually a sign of stress to the nervous system. 

Chiropractic for Scoliosis: Before wearing a brace or complying with the all too common wait and see approach, try chiropractic!

Chiropractic for Wellness: Symptoms are not required to receive chiropractic care. Enjoy the piece of mind of wellness care for your children to prevent problems from ever occurring. 

Many of the problems we experience as adults are actually long-standing problems that began in childhood. If you have questions, give us a call and arrange a telephone consultation. We’re happy to discuss any concern without cost or obligation.