Chiropractic for Car Accidents & Whiplash

You're stopped at a red light and suddenly you hear tires screeching and the sound of metal hitting metal. In the seconds before you can brace yourself, your car begins moving forward. 

You're backing out of a parking spot and someone tries to snake behind you quickly. Before you can hit the breaks or the horn, you hear the sound of metal hitting metal. 

Whether it's a major accident or a minor fender bender, whiplash injuries are likely. It can sometimes take several months for symptoms to appear. So what should you do?

Seek help from one of our chiropractors!

Chiropractic helps restore proper motion to the spine allowing them to heal properly from an accident. The longer you wait to address the problem, the more unseen damage there is which typically leads to a longer recovery time.

Unseen Damage

It's common to minimize your own injuries, especially in a minor fender bender. If that car has little to no damage, then you probably assume you do too. Studies have shown that passengers can be injured considerably more than what you'd expect from a dented fender.

The Chiropractic Solution

In most minor car accidents, passengers will go back home or back to work without visiting any doctors. If the accident is bad enough, you might end up visiting the emergency room. They will set any broken bones or give you a prescription to reduce the muscle spasms caused by structural changes in your neck or lower back. 

While these things may help temporarily, they will not fix the problem. You'll want help from a health professional that understands soft tissue injuries, spinal biomechanics, and rehabilitation strategies. Call our practice to see how we can be of help.

We're Car Accident Experts

You want to work with people who know how to work with lawyers and get your bills covered by the insurance companies. If you've been in a car accident, give us a call. We've helped patients through this many times. We can offer you a drug free treatment, to get you out of pain once and for all.

Common Questions

  • Why am I feeling pain in my arms and hands?
    • The nerves in your arms and hands exit the spine through the injured area of your neck. Numbness and tingling are common reactions to trauma or loss of proper spinal alignment.
  • I was in a car accident over a week ago, why am I just now starting to experience headaches?
    • Whether you were in an accident, over-exerted yourself doing yard word, sat too long in the office, your body is constantly adapting to its environment. When your ability to adapt is exhausted, symptoms like pain or headaches will appear. This can take days, weeks, months, or sometimes years to occur.
  • Will I ever feel normal again?
    • Chiropractic patients experience improved spinal function and relief from their symptoms after only a few visits. Those who delay seeking appropriate treatment often experience a longer recovery time due to exasperated symptoms.