Say Goodbye to Staying Still

A great number of us spend a large part of our day doing it. Whether it’s when we’re watching TV, driving around town, or staring at the computer at our place of work, we’re doing it. That “it” is sitting, and it’s becoming a huge problem. While we may not consider sitting to be as harmful as puffing on a cigarette, according to health experts, sitting can damage the body just as smoking can.

Exercise To Improve Your Mood

Have you ever asked a runner what he or she loves the most about running? The typical answer is, "It makes me feel good". For those of us that aren't so fond of exercise, that response is hard to understand. How can running, which makes you sweaty and hot and uncomfortable, actually make you feel good?

Meet Your Body's Needs

Traveling. It is one of life's most exciting adventures. Experiencing another culture, country, or even just the town over leaves us with lasting memories. In all the excitement of seeing another part of the world, it is easy to forget to make your health a priority.

During any trip, you want to be in your best physical condition so you can get the most out of your experience. We've put together some simple tips to help you keep your health a priority, no matter where you travel.