Allergy Treatment & Relief

Chiropractic for Allergies.

Your body has many ways of signaling you to an allergic reaction. Itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes, runny nose, constricted breathing, etc. 

Your reaction to the allergen, pollen, peanuts, shellfish, etc. is unique to you. If everyone had the same reaction to these common substances, we could blame peanuts, for example. But not everyone has a reaction. 

Why is that?

Your Reaction to a Threat to Your Nervous System

Your nervous system controls every function in your body, including your immune system, glandular system, respiratory system (and every system that reacts to allergens). Normally these systems in your body respond and adapt to the stress (allergens) around you. But uncontrollable sneezing or itchy eyes is a sign that your systems cannot properly handle the allergens they're facing.

This is an indication that your nervous system isn't working right. So, rather than directing our attention to determining which allergen, of countless possibilities, is causing your reaction, we look at your nervous system to give you allergy relief.

Think of it this way, we are all born with the same ability to adapt to stress. But, overtime, you body may no longer be able to handle all the stressors. Some could say it has reached it's capacity. This is typically caused by a blockage in the nervous system, called a subluxation. This is why we examine your nervous system first, to remove any interferences.

Allergy Treatment through Chiropractic

So technically, we don’t treat allergies. We look for ways to restore your ability to adapt to allergens by locating and reducing disturbances/interferences to your nervous system through chiropractic care. Simple, really.

We’d love to discuss your specific allergy issue and how chiropractic may help. Send us an appointment request so we can get you started toward allergy relief right away.